Link Love (Home Edition)

It's all about the new house at the moment. Right now we're trying to fill it up with the best furniture for the space and get into our new routine. We've also got plenty of windows, yard space and hardwood floors to keep clean and maintain, and it's starting to feel like a lot of work. I need to stay focused on the tasks at hand, but I keep wanting to shop for details and fun things for our walls!

To keep me grounded during this hectic time,  I've been reading a lot of Apartment Therapy. I love the posts about setting up your home and mindful living. Here are three that I've really enjoyed recently:

Have a great weekend!


  1. The links aren't working, but I tracked them down on the AT website and loved reading the pieces.

    And, um, speaking of love--that rug is amazing. Would you mind sharing the source?

    1. Links are fixed! Thanks! The rug is from Anthropologie! I fell in love and waited for it to go on super sale! Woohoo!