For Our Walls

I hope you're loving all the house-related posts this week. Decorating and homemaking are about the only things I can focus on right now. Outfit posts, food posts and DIYs will be back soon once I have things like a fridge and a desk to work with.

Until then, it's house stuff. I've been thinking about details a lot lately, mostly because I don't want to rush into buying a whole bunch of things until we know exactly what we want. We're taking our time to make sure each and every piece we buy has a purpose and aligns with our vision for the space. I spent some time on Pinterest last night and got plenty of ideas for our walls.

Like these Inflated Deflated prints. Bloggers are all over these, and I can see why! A cute little series in a variety of colors and messages would be sweet for a hallway, my office or maybe even a funky bathroom. Talk about cool eye candy!
While I love these prints, I'm probably more likely to go with something a little more vintage-inspired. The look we're going for is sort of "modern classic" meets "cozy Austin," which could be open to interpretation. We love old maps and natural things, so I'm feeling more drawn to the pins below. I think they create a nice balance with the "masculine/history buff" look and girly details in the book covers and wall flowers.

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