Plant Life

After a long week of moving, unpacking, and getting used to our new space, Kyle and I are starting to think about the details. Plant details, I mean. The week before we moved in we had the backyard completely transformed. It was essentially infested with bamboo. I like bamboo, but it gets out of control. There's a ton of it around these parts, and about 20% of our yard was covered in it. So, we said goodbye to bamboo and hello to fresh grass. Poodle really likes the transformation.

The changes have me thinking about plants for the inside of our home too. I fell in love with this photo via Miss Moss the other day and got to wondering about the pretty little plants we might want to fill our space with. I love the idea of setting up a bench in front of our huge living room window that gets tons of sunlight and just having a variety of plants to soak it all up!

We're open to pretty much anything. The only rules are they must be poodle friendly and easy to care for. While you're thinking of suggestions, here are a few succulent and air plant designs that I'm really liking right now:

Photos via Howl, Spartan, Etsy, and senor miller.

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