Miss Fix It

Monday it is, folks. I tend to forget how disheartening it can be driving to Dallas over a holiday weekend. But the trip was good, and I was forced to relax. I'm actually going to be traveling up there quite a bit over the next 6 weeks for a wedding and another family gathering. That's a lot of Dallas for me, but after this last trip I'm actually looking forward to exploring the city again. A fun lunch with Erin and Hilary got me thinking about all the new and exciting places I need to check out next time I go back. Mostly shopping and eating, of course.

I also really enjoyed catching up with my mom and sisters while I was there, and this is where we get to the Miss Fix It part of this post.

My mom is a pretty handy lady, kicking it in North Dallas. She gave me my very first toolset when I moved out in 2004. I still have that toolset, just so you know. Most of it, anyway.

But I wouldn't call myself handy. Tools actually frighten me a bit. I can make do with a hammer, a screwdriver, and a few nails/screws. But anything more than that and I'm crying for help. A few years ago my sister bought me a tiny hammer that doubled as a screwdriver. It was a nifty little tool that I kept in my glove compartment (I have no idea why) and I remember liking it for the girly blue and pink flower paint job. Since then I've acquired a few more nails and screws and then all of Kyle's tools, so I think we're pretty set for any fixin' that needs to happen around here.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

In the meantime, I've been hanging out on the Internet looking for some cute and handy things, like these pretty patterned tools by Alice Supply Co. I also really like these Klein tool bags and the multi-colored zipper pouches

No Miss Fix It should be without something to write with, like a Moleskine or two. And if you ever find me running around the apartment fixing stuff, I'll definitely be in some boots that were made for working and looking good. 

P.S. Actually, I can change a lightbulb. That makes me somewhat handy, right?


  1. The tiny phillips head screwdriver comes in handy to change the memory on a computer.

  2. Loved seeing you on Saturday! Next time, Lula B's!!

  3. sooo good to see you, hope you had a fab rest of your weekend! maybe we should work in a tool tutorial. :)