A New Favorite

When I was in college, I'd hit up local venues pretty frequently to check out live music. I was an avid record collector and a big time music junkie. Now, and even though I'm married to a musician who plays at least one live show every week, it's hard to get out there and discover new bands as often as I used to.

But one of the nice things about being married to a musician is he's constantly bringing home new music for me to fall in love with. Last weekend, he introduced me to Tennis, a husband and wife duo with a sweet, low-fi, '60s girl pop sound going on. I love this dreamy photo of the band.

Great tunes for driving around in the springtime, I think. You must check it out:

Tennis by Jennifer King on Grooveshark

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  1. I love Tennis! They have such a cute story too; I don't think they realized they could make music together until several years into their marriage. We meant to see them during SXSW but could never make it the right venue at the right time. Next time they come to Austin, we'll have to see them together.