Inspired By (Garance Doré)

I don't think this woman could be more inspiring. This clip from The Coveteur sort of says it all. Garance Doré is lovely and talented, and she takes personal taste and style to a level that I find very simplistic, but bold and appealing.

But let's talk about her hats for a second. They are all pretty fabulous and she makes it look so easy to just throw one on with anything. I especially like the ones with feathers.

[Garance 1, 3, and 4 by Scott Schuman; 2 by Graeme Mitchell]

I think my favorite thing about Garance is the way she wears basics. Lots of black and white. Lots of pants and shirts. But she never forgets two very, very key accessories that make the outfit go huzzah! Her handbag and one fabulous pair of shoes. 

I could gush about Garance all day, but here's a wonderful NY Times story that I suggest you read instead, written by Alex Williams (the hubs of one of my favorite blogger ladies, Joanna Goddard).

Let's all go fall all in love with Garance now, shall we?

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