Style Post: Stripes and a Little Fleur de Sel

Life is sort of pushing me out of my comfort zone at the moment. First, I leave the only job I've ever known to start a new one. Then, I'm forced to scout out new, and very public, locations to take outfit photos. Sadly, I've reached the point where I'm only able to shoot on weekends. Mornings just aren't practical this time of year. So off I went last Saturday, with Kyle and a good attitude by my side, to find a new and somewhat secluded spot to take pictures. But it all had to start with coffee, a croissant, and some fleur de sel caramel sweets from La Patisserie before we could really get things going.

We didn't have to go very far to find an interesting something to take photos with. This abandoned trailer was just in the lot next to La Patisserie. I thought the color scheme was interesting, and stripes next to stripes are always fun.

[Madewell sweater and shoes (last seen here); American Apparel shirt; Langford Market skirt; J.Crew tights; Tiffany's necklace (old gift from mom)]

I've really been loving the slouchy sweater with a skirt look lately. It's a nice way to casually dress up, I think. This skirt was a recent find from Langford Market and a fun addition to my sad skirt collection. I'm always looking for more playful skirts that I can skip around town in.

Do you take outfit photos for your blog? How do you overcome that strange fear of people watching you?

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