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Why, hello there. Are you glad it's Friday, friends? I sure am. And what have you been up to this week? I've been learning away over at my new job, and I'll tell you--it's tiring. So I'm very much looking forward to a weekend full of relaxing, hanging out with my sister, and catching up on some of my favorite blogs.


Just a few links I fell in love with this week:

I so wish this blog post had been around as I was packing for our honeymoon to Australia and New Zealand. Here are some really great tips from Jordan about what to wear while traveling.

By the uber talented ladies from Honestly...WTF, here's an excellent DIY for creating heart-shaped elbow pads out of wool roving. I thought it was great because I'm always looking for more fun ways to work with felt.

I discovered Hillary Hopper's blog earlier this week and I loved this post about 10 ways to feel good at the office. It includes a few tips for feeling prettier, more feminine, and energized during a long day at work.  

Have a pretty weekend, my lovelies!

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