Little Lovelies (Animated GIF Edition)

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you had a fabulous week. For today's Little Lovelies post I wanted to share a few things that I recently rediscovered! Do you ever hold onto simple things with hopes that they'll inspire you later? Like a pretty box that once carried a new piece of jewelry? Or cute office supplies that you sort of forgot you had?

These funky pencils were a gift from a former coworker. They kind of became lost amongst all of my office crap and I rediscovered them when I packed up my old desk before starting my new job. We all know I have a thing for engraved pencils, so you can probably imagine how delighted I was to come across these pups again.

Then there's this sweet little jewelry box. Erica Weiner is definitely one my favorite jewelry designers, and her vertebrae necklace is one of my absolute FAVORITE pieces. About a year or so ago I ordered this pretzel necklace and it arrived in this darling little box. It's been stuck on a shelf for MONTHS, but I can't muster the courage to throw it away. The design is just too pretty.

Have a beautiful weekend! Thanks for letting me practice my animated GIFs!

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