Wedding DIY: Paint Chip Seating Chart

I'm all about stylish and budget-friendly wedding details. One of my favorite wedding DIYs for our wedding reception was the paint chip seating chart. Not only was it an easy way to display all of our guests' names with their designated tables. It also added a nice colorful element to the bright white space!

Things you'll need:

  • Paint chips from the hardware or paint store: pick paint chips in a variety of colors that match your color palette
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Big piece of foam board

1. Cut your paint chips in half. Some of your chips may have the name of the color printed along the bottom. Just be sure to trim those ends too. I didn't mind if my trimmed paint chips were different sizes. If you want them to all be exactly the same size, use a ruler and an exacto knife to measure and cut each paint chip individually.

2. Once you have them all trimmed to size, write the name of each guest on the paint chips along with their table numbers.

3. Practice arranging the finished paint chips on the foam board. Once you have the right arrangement, start gluing!

Easiest wedding DIY on the planet? Probably. Have fun!

Photo by Katherine O'Brien Photography

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