Style Post: Chambray Shirt and Party Shoes

Hooray for Blogshop. I had a dandy old time and learned oh so much about Photoshop, images, and all kinds of good stuff about how to make sweet-looking layouts. I loved it so much that I made a little color bar and tried using the writing tool in this post. Please don't mind how sloppy my handwriting is. I just try to make things look nice for you.

I'm also super jazzed about these shoes. I picked them up about a week before New Year's Eve, but putting an outfit together for them was a doozy. I knew I would wear them out to Uchi to celebrate the New Year, but beyond that I was a bit clueless. I felt like I needed another loud piece (i.e. this silky smooth fuchsia skirt) and then one of my go-to cozy favorites (i.e. this chambray shirt) to make it work.

And then I started to get twirly with it. Don't mind me. I'm just twirling around.

[J.Crew shirt and skirt; Target tights; Seychelles shoes; Banana Republic trench]  

Bits of gold, pink, and brown. They shimmer.

As I said, this pair was a toughy for me at first. Do you ever feel completely clueless about how to style something right after you buy it?

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