Spring Safari

Remember when I fell in love with Gorman on our honeymoon? So in love that I took home this crazy lovely skirt? Well, I'm still in love and can't stop visiting the site to check out the new winter collection. The looks below are actually from the last spring line, and I can't stop ogling at all the colors:
I think what intrigued me most about the last collection is the color palette. Lots of navy, orange, and neutrals. Anytime I see something with a similar combination of colors I think of Gorman, which is why I've fallen for this navy and off-white pattern (found here) too. At first I thought of palm trees, and then I thought of a glamorous safari because the models' hats remind me of those bowl-like hats you see people wearing on safaris in movies. Maybe that's a poor correlation between the (not so) palm trees, safaris, and the hats. But you can tell where the inspiration is coming from, right?

P.S. I hope to wear more hats this spring. Send me your hat inspiration, people!

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