5 Things I Wear When I Need a Little Pick Me Up

I often turn to my closet or makeup bag when I need a quick pick me up. Sometimes adding a unique accessory to an outfit or trying out a new beauty trick gives me just the right kick of inspiration when I'm feeling rather "meh" on any regular old day.

1. Put on a funky head piece

Like my favorite sequin heart headband.

2. Dress up in my favorite piece of clothing

Like the coziest chambray shirt.

3. Put together a new outfit

Do you ever buy a new piece of clothing and then wait forever to wear it because you haven't figured out how to style it yet? Take a few minutes to put a new look together around that item and then wear the heck out of it, like I did with these shimmery heels.

4. Pick out a new shade of lipstick

I love shopping for a fun, new lip color (preferably one that pops). It's so fun to get dolled up at the makeup counter and ogle at all the fun and crazy colors.

5. Try a new nail do

I always feel extra polished and feminine after a manicure. And a mid-mani color change is a great way to keep those fingers feeling fresh.

What about you? What do you wear when you need a little pick me up?

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