Holidays on Film

I plan to watch plenty of Christmas movies over the next couple of days. Plenty. I just love getting in my PJs in the middle of the day on the weekends, making something warm and delicious to drink and snack on, and cuddling up next to my poodle while we watch one of my favorite holiday films.

Some of the movies on this list go way back and some not so much. Either way, these eight movies are sure to bring me some Christmas cheer.


Home Alone

This movie is definitely a classic for me. Even the sequel was brilliant!

A Charlie Brown Christmas

I think I've always had a small crush on Charlie Brown. He's way too cute to be a cartoon.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

I love this movie a lot. I remember seeing it for the first time with my dad in the theater when I was super young. And for some reason I still like it as an adult. Maybe it's all the singing?

The Nightmare Before Christmas

I actually haven't seen this in ages, but I really, really like Tim Burton.  It's definitely more of an artsy, alternative choice for a Christmas movie. Great if your looking for something a little different.

A Christmas Story

I haven't met a single person who didn't love/like A Christmas Story. Every year we miss Ralphie, the scene with the giant leg lamp, the Ovaltine, the triple dog dares, etc. This flick is one of my super faves and I'm probably going to watch it first.

Miracle on 34th Street

I've seen a few versions of this movie, but I think the black and white one is still the best!

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Hilarity at its finest. 

Love, Actually

I finally saw this movie for the first time last year! I'm keeping it on the list for 2011 so I can fall in love with it a little bit more.

What are some of your favorite holiday movies? I'd love to see your list!

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