10 Fun Date Ideas for the Austinite

Bri totally had it right the other day when she blogged about relationships. She said something along the lines of "we get stuck in routines with our partners. Routines can be good, but you gotta keep the fun alive." I liked that a lot! And then she had a short list of fun things to do with her mate in L.A.

Right on, Bri! Kyle and I have been kicking it for almost four years, and now we're married! So I feel like it's more important than ever to keep the fun, romance, and best friendness alive. Here are 10 things I'd like to do with my guy to keep things fresh:

1. Pack a brunch-style picnic with pre-made quiche and mimosas and lounge out in Zilker Park

2. Take a Thai fresh cooking class

3. Go on a food truck crawl around the city

4. Pick a cookbook and cook our way through it

5. Buy a bunch of art supplies and make a cool piece of art together

6. Check out the Austin farmer's market on Saturday morning

7. Take a casual mixology class (I'm not sure if this exists, but wouldn't that be cool?)

8. Go to our favorite furniture store and pick out stuff for our dream home

9. Go stand-up paddle boarding on Town Lake

10. Take free salsa lessons at Ruta Maya

Do you and your mate have a favorite date spot? Let's hear 'em.

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