Closet Conditioning

Yay! My closet is finally in decent condition. I don't know how I went so long with just piles of shoes, bags, and hats cluttered on my one and only shelf. Sharing a small-to-medium-sized closet with a person is hard, especially when you have way more stuff than this person but feel guilty when your stuff spills over into his space.

I gave you all a small glimpse of my closet's condition in this post. Piles of shoes, piles of boxes. And you didn't even get to see the huge hanging cluster eff that was my wardrobe.

With just a few tiny investments I was able to turn my closet into a well-organized wardrobe and optimize the little space that I have.

First, I bought some of the velvet hangers for those silky, slippery shirts. I also got some pant hangers with clips so that I wouldn't have to fold them. I think this creates a little more space and makes my jeans easier to find. 

Then I decided to hang my hats and bags above my shelf. Before I had all of the bags and hats in two or three big piles on the shelf, leaving tons of unused space on the walls and a huge mess that was impossible to sift through without creating a bigger mess. Now I have more room for shoes and can easily sift through the bags without messing up the rest of the closet.

The last little investment was an expandable shoe rack. Look at all those happy shoes.

How do you keep your closet nice and organized?

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