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Kyle and I are starting to plan for our honeymoon. If I had any brains at all I would take advantage of my girl Laurel, personal stylist at Trophy Boutique. What I would do to have someone help me sort, pack, and pre-style each and every item of clothing I bring on this trip. But sadly, there just isn't any time to even think about packing until the day before we leave. Oops!

One thing Kyle and I HAVE done already to prepare for the trip is purchase some brand new (and matching) suitcases. I know, I know--that probably sounds pretty cutesy. But we both needed super functional and affordable suitcases and everything we've owned until now is old, broken, or just plain worn out. So we picked up a couple of basic black 4-wheel rolling suitcases. They are way too functional to be cute, so I'm not inspired to post a pic on the blog yet. But all the suitcase shopping got me excited to find some extra cute luggage for those trips when fabulous AND functional are top priorities.

The Cutest of Carry-Ons

fjallraven teal green mini day pack

Swedish company Fjallraven makes the cutest darn bags for travel and backpacking. These little mini day packs would make such a perfect carry-on or everyday purse if you're going for a casual look. And they come in so many fun colors, like this lovely teal green. If you're in Austin and want to check one out in person, I know Bows + Arrows carries several sizes and colors in this day pack.

Solid and Sporty

le sport sac duffle bag

One of my oldest bags is a Le Sport sac duffle. I bought it in 2005 and still use it to this very day. I even took it with me on a 70-day road trip during college. That's how tough this sucker is. It's definitely worn, but Le Sport Sac bags last! That's why this rounded duffle would be more than perfect for the simple and sporty traveler.

Handsome and Vintage

jcrew men's montague leather weekender

I knew I'd find some good stuff over in J.Crew men's accessories. Love, love, love this classic leather bag. It's simple and looks like something Don Draper would take on a short trip.

Heavy Duty

jcrew Swaine Adeney Brigg trolley suitcase

And now for the behemoth of luggage--the 22 inch Swaine Adeney Brigg trolley suitcase. It's actually not that big of a suitcase. But the meticulous construction and craftsmanship certainly calls for the hefty price tag. I don't think I would ever check this bag on a plane though. I'd take it along on a cruise or a fancy four-day getaway.

Do you have a favorite piece of luggage that you like to travel with?

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