Inspired By (Jean Seberg)

Have you seen Breathless, the 1960 film by Jean-Luc Godard featuring Jean Seberg? It's sort of a classic and was my first introduction to Seberg's sweet style. The following Seberg looks are my favorites: a perfectly tailored dress in classic stripes, a chunky knit cowl neck sweater, and high-waisted pants with a simple shirt knotted in front.

On top of these classic looks is her haircut. I so wish I could pull off this sweet pixie cut. (Read more about my hair tribulations here.) Emma Watson does it very, very well.

jean seberg collage

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I am in love. She's dainty, polished, and practical. Yes, I used the word "practical" to describe a style icon. Her simplistic style resembles the charming look we all seem to be going for when we talk about looking like a French sweetheart. As for her look: I call it clean, not overdone, and it has focus, meaning something always tends to stand out in each look. Like the collar or the full skirt in the striped dress, or the giant cowl neck in the knit sweater. 

Here are some of the pieces I'd splurge on to create a similar look:

jean seberg outfit collage

Brogues from Top Shop
Sweater from J.Crew
Dress from J.Crew
Cigarette pants from Banana Republic

steven alan t shirts for jean seberg

Striped work shirt from Steven Alan
Lace shirt from Lauren Moffatt

I'd love to see how Seberg's style would have evolved if she'd been with us longer. But, in my opinion, classic looks like these are here to stay and will inspire the rest of us for quite some time. 

Which of Jean Seberg's looks do you like best?

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