Style Post: It's Been A While

Finally a new outfit post! I've kind of missed putting one of these together! Hopefully it's not too weird that I'm wearing the same shirt in the last one I did over a month ago. But it's a different look, I tell ya. New hair, new boots and a whole lotta black.

Over the last month I've cleaned out my closet twice, figured out my fall uniform and collected a few new things. The first thing is black jeans. I've never been a huge fan until recently, and now I want to wear them with everything. They are slimming and add a little edge to every outfit. The biker boots were a new find, and this big triangle necklace is just another fun piece I'm into right now. I've been looking for easy ways to jazz up the wardrobe by combining fun jewelry with classic pieces I already have. I'm tired of buying skirts or blouses that I can only get an outfit or two out of. I'm tired of having pieces that I'm not madly in love with. Fun jewelry is helping me fall in love with basics all over again.

Madewell tee, leggings and boots. Anthropologie necklace.

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