Gilded Pumpkins

It's the time of year when I start to get questions from friends and co-workers about what I'm going to be for Halloween. I like Halloween for many reasons: the candy, the costumes, the excuse to pretend to be something completely different from who I really am for a night. But the truth is, I'm not into all the work and pressure that goes along with coming up with a great costume.

I remember one Halloween in college when I felt serious pressure to get dressed up for a Halloween party (of course) and I kept trying to make a costume out of clothing I already owned. I changed "costumes" five times and I did not enjoy the party. Long story short -- I like Halloween and all the creative costumes out there, but I prefer to just sit back and watch.

But I still love pumpkins and all the fun decorating ideas that go along with them this time of year. My friends at Mockingbird Domestics held a pumpkin painting party a few weeks ago. I wasn't able to attend, but I did a little pumpkin painting of my own using my new favorite paint: gilder's paint.

This project was super fun and easy. And my pumpkins look fabulous, don't ya think?

What you'll need: 

Gilder's paint 
Miniature pumpkins 
Tape (use thin tape if you want more gold paint on the pumpkin) 
Sponge brush

What to do:

1. For the geometric shapes look, wrap the pumpkin in tape several times. Be sure to leave part of the pumpkin exposed.
2. A little gilder's paint goes a long way. Get a decent amount on the sponge and paint over the exposed areas of the pumpkin. 
3. Let the pumpkin dry for about an hour and then remove the tape.

4. For the polka dot pumpkin, use your finger to rub the paint in circular dots on the pumpkin's surface.
5. Let the pumpkin dry for about an hour.

Have fun with this one!

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