Outfits Lately

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Last week was a blur and this week is expected to be the same. We knocked out a lot of fun house projects last weekend: hung up some new stuff, did a little deep cleaning and started planning our first little dinner party! Busy and fun, let's put it that way.

I know I'll eventually get back to blogging regularly, but I've really missed my outfit posts! With our schedules being off a little, it's been challenging to put together a full shoot with good lighting, etc. So I'm winging it with the iPhone photos. Here are little glimpses of outfits I've donned lately:

Hopefully I've have a real outfit post for you soon! Until then, catch more little outfit glimpses on Instagram (@birdflygood)!

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  1. Cute I love your sense of style! Love love your polka dot flats :)