Tattuesday: Lucy & Orla

Happy Tattuesday! I kicked off this series last week and the response has been great! Can't wait to share more awesome and adorable tattoos with you!

I've had this image stashed away for a quite a while. Betsy Dunlap is a wonderful calligrapher. You've probably seen her work around the interwebs and on various wedding blogs. She even created a little piece for us in honor of our wedding date!

Let's just say I'm a huge fan, and I was floored and excited when I saw this image of script she put together for a tattoo.

You can read the story behind the tattoo on Betsy's blog. It's incredibly sweet.


  1. Wheee ... came over here from Eavesdropper! I love the Tattuesday Series idea! Such a cute blog, did you design the template?

    1. Hi Gina! Thanks for making your way over here! I'm glad you like the series! It's going to be a fun one, I think. I worked with a designer, Moorea, of Freckled Nest Design on the template! Tolly of AE actually worked with a FN designer for her blog as well! It's a great group, and you should definitely check it out!