Style Post: My Guy

Look who decided to make an appearance on the blog today! This is my guy and I'm pretty crazy about him. I'm also in love with his cool and relaxed style. We took Simon out for a jaunt last weekend and Kyle threw on a new hat for the occasion. He loves his hats, and this is a good one. Kyle also wears an awesome beard 80% of the time, so it was nice to catch him on a beautiful day with a mostly clean shaven face, perfect for shooting some guy style.

Hatbox hat. REI shirt. J.Crew shorts. Rainbow sandals. 

His personal style is sort of "Seattle meets California meets Austin." He never hesitates to put a relaxed look together, but he's not afraid to turn it up either. This Seattle boy can wear some boots, I tell ya!

Then there's Simon. You can't stop the cuteness.

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