Style Post: Easy, Breezy Vintage Shirt

I finally got around to unpacking my most summery tops last weekend. I gotta get 'em out of my sight during the winter months, especially if they don't transition very well. This sheer vintage blouse is the perfect example. I just don't know how to make it work when it's cold out there. But now it's plenty warm and I'm sure I'll be donning this number several times over the next few months.

I've had this blouse for a few years and it's already worn to bits. I keep piecing it back together though in any way that I can. I just love the embroidery, and the hand-sewn look.

And did you notice? I finally went (sorta) red! It's more subtle than I'd hoped it would be. Baby steps, I guess. I was probably a little hesitant to go full on redhead, but I think I'll get there eventually. For now, I'll just stick with super bright red jeans.

Gap jeans (last seen here). Vintage blouse. J.Crew tank and belt. Madewell shoes. 


  1. Hi! Just read your Greenhouse Design interview on Austin Eavesdropper ... I love Tolly's blog! That's so cool that you got to meet Laurie and J.P.! Just wanted to swing by and check out your blog too. Love your style!

  2. I really love that top! Such a beautiful piece :)

  3. LOVE it!! Wish I had the courage to do the same.

  4. Yay for going RED! Looks great....