Getting Down to Business

I started If I Must Say So back in July 2011 with the intention to write, inspire, and connect with the other bloggers and creative folks out there. After attending just one local blogger event and trying to explain my blog and it's name to a dozen or so ladies, I quickly realized that a swanky little card with all that info would be brilliant! I whipped up a small and pretty basic design based on the look and feel of my blog, but then decided to make a little something extra for Texas Style Council this weekend.

A handmade envelope decorated with a custom stamp and washi tape felt very fun and "If I Must Say So." And it was super easy and only slightly time consuming. But I love a good crafting routine full of cutting, folding, gluing, and taping.

I love perusing through creative business cards for inspiration. Camille shared some of her favorites from Alt Summit this year, and I think probably half of them are my favorites.

Are you in Austin for Texas Style Council or SXSW? If so, give me a holler!

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