Style Post: The Festive Prep

I love a preppy, tomboy look. It's most certainly one of my faves. I was so happy to get my hands on one of these tartan plaid shirts a couple of weeks ago, and then these cozy trousers just sort of appeared in my dressing room over at Madewell. Wonder how that happened.

tartan plaid jcrew shirt and madewell trousers

I normally try to avoid outfits with too much red and green around the holidays. I'm just not that crazy about looking like a Christmas tree or present. But for some reason I couldn't help myself when I put this look together.

tartan plaid jcrew shirt and madewell trousers

[J.Crew shirt; Madewell pants; Steve Madden shoes]

Speaking of festive holiday clothing, I know ugly Christmas sweaters are a thing. Every year my sister gets together with some of her closest girlfriends for an ugly Christmas sweater party. They all go to Goodwill to pick out sweaters and then meet up to drink eggnog and stuff.

Mmmm eggnog. I might be a little scatterbrained today.

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