Our Wedding on Film

Kyle and I are SLOWLY getting back into our regular routine of work, blogging, poodle, etc. It's crazy how much lighter I feel with the wedding being over. Our apartment still looks like a wedding planner threw up in here, but that could also be because I'm dragging when it comes to figuring out what to do with all this stuff.

Aside from that, I'm thrilled to get a glimpse of a few wedding photos! We'll have the rest of them pretty soon, and that's when I'll be able to share more details and pictures of the entire day. But here are a few Holga images that our fabulous photographer Katherine O'Brien took of us during and after our first look.

wedding holga images

[Chair I refurbished to match the desk used for our altar]

wedding holga images

[Moments after the first look, laughing]

wedding holga images

wedding holga images

[A few moments alone right after the ceremony]

Everything about the day was so much fun. And I'm so, so happy Kyle and I decided to see each other before the wedding. It was so nice being able to kiss and console one another before guests started arriving. And we had plenty of time for pictures, which was nice.

I couldn't have been happier with our photographers. Katherine and her husband Jeff are immensely creative and so much fun to work with. If you're looking for a photographer in the Austin area, please check them out.

Stay tuned for more photos and a recap of the entire day!

All images by Katherine O'Brien Photography

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