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Hello, hello. I'm super excited to feature one of my sweet Austin girlfriends and personal stylist Laurel Kinney of Trophy Boutique on the blog today. Laurel is quite the dear for contributing while I'm off in Aussie-land. I often look to Laurel's blog for some serious and practical style inspiration. She also happens to be a pretty hilarious writer. Please enjoy (and don't forget to check out her blog!) 

Hello, If I Must Say So readers! I’m Laurel and I’m a personal stylist who blogs at Trophy Boutique. I am super excited to pop over here while Jennifer and Kyle are on their honeymoon. Lucky ones, they are.

Jennifer and I met pretty recently, over the summer, but I knew instantly that we were fashion soul sisters. She was wearing these lace-up sandals with heels and I wanted to tear them off her feet right away. Because I didn’t know her well enough at that point to forcibly remove her footwear, I went out and bought a duplicate pair. Since then, we’ve had a few chuckles over all of the items we share, my favorite being red jeans! I love how she styled her pair over on my blog today, all layery and silky and blazery, but I wanted to try something a little different for you guys, so I wore basically every single one of my favorite pieces of clothing at once.

Red jeans might be a little much for some ladies, so one way you can tone it down is by wearing a longer layer on top, like a long cardigan or, in my case, a shirt dress worn as a top. You might even take this a little further by wearing knee-high boots, and just showing a little pop of the color, but I’m wearing some trusty clogs because it’s still too hot for boots. Luckily, there are plenty of other less shockingly bright colors of denim in the stores right now. I particularly love the looks of a dark eggplant or hunter green pair of jeans. Pair them with your neutrals and you’ve given your outfit a whole new modern twist!

 [Jeans: Rag&Bone, Dress (worn as top): Helmet Lang, Clogs: BC]

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait for Jennifer to get back so we can see what she wore on her vacation!

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