Deck the Halls

One of things I loved about living at home was that my mother would always decorate the heck out of our house for the holidays. The tree always looked amazing and all the little stockings and Santa Clause knick knacks were just adorable. I have yet to live up to my mom's decorating abilities since moving out on my own, and it gets harder every year, especially when I have so little storage space to begin with.

I think I'm going to put a little more effort into decorating this year. We probably won't get a tree, but just a few Christmas trinkets for here and there.

I'm in love with the overall holiday look at West Elm right now. The metallics and whites create the perfect winter wonderland setting. But what I really love are the feathered, felt, and metal pieces because they look a little more natural and like something I could keep up for months after the holidays.

west elm holiday decor

I also think these little bottle brush trees are perfect if you're going for a more natural, earthy look this season.

west elm holiday decor

How are you decorating for the holidays?

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