Wedding Nerves

It's only a matter of days now, and I'm starting to get antsy. Kyle and I have been planning this wedding bash for almost 18 months. A really long time. Some people would probably say 18 months is too long, and I'd probably agree. But an 18-month engagement worked out pretty well for us. We're both very busy people, so having more than enough time to think, plan, and make things happen has been ideal. I don't operate well under stress, so being able to spread the planning process out over many months truly helped mitigate all that.

picking up our texas marriage license

[Picking up our marriage license.

And now I'm feeling slightly stressed because it's almost here. Not because there's so much still to do (there isn't) and not because I'm nervous about marrying my best friend (not really), but because this is all about to be over. All the wedding planning, thinking, and worrying is about to be a thing of our past, and that's good. I'm ready for all that to be over and done with. But I guess I'm a little stressed because it's all about to become so real. This entire time the idea of "our wedding" has been this imaginary thing in my head, detailed out on spreadsheets and inspiration boards, packed up nicely in dozens of cardboard boxes in our dining room, ready to take center stage on October 22.

I think we're both ready. Thanks for letting me vent, blog. 

What kind of nerves did you have leading up to your wedding day? How did you deal with them?

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