Style Post: Cabin Sweater

I'm open for any excuse to wear a cabin sweater. That's what I always say, anyway. Temperatures are slowly starting to drop around here, and mornings are nice and chilly. Chilly enough for me to think I can get away with wearing a three-quarter sleeve cabin sweater. I'm getting away with it alright.

I saw this sweater at Madewell as soon as the fall collection launched, which feels like ages ago! This was my first chance to wear it and I felt mighty cozy it in.

The jeans are also very new, and they're probably the lightest pair of blue denim that I own. This initially made me nervous because I was worried about accentuating the hip area. Maybe it does here, or maybe it doesn't. I look forward to experimenting with them anyway.

I'm thinking of taking this sweater with me on the honeymoon. But considering that it's going to be summertime in Australia and New Zealand, I should probably think again. I'm honestly not completely sure what I should pack along. My spirit is saying FALL but my brain is reminding me to check the weather. It's going to be warm.

I don't know what's happening here with the sticks.

[Madewell sweater; J Brand jeans; J.Crew boots (last seen here) and bracelet; Ray-Ban glasses]

Now only if it was cool enough to wear some of my heavier wooly sweaters and jackets. Or maybe even one of these trench coats.

Anyone else still craving cooler weather?

P.S. It's wedding week!

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  1. Hey! I live in Wellington, NZ and the weather in summer can get quite chilly. I'd bring your gorgeous sweater.

    It's such a nice pattern as well!