In Love With Bloglovin'

Have you heard of Bloglovin'? When I started getting pretty serious about blogging and keeping up with all my favorite blogs, I hopped on Bloglovin' so I could follow all of them on one easy platform. Now I can "follow" all my favorite blogs through one site and use it to read through the most recent posts. I also see this coming in handy when I need to catch up on some blog reading after being on vacation or on a computer break. I can browse through all the unread posts and then visit each blog in a new window. 


Pretty neat, indeed. You can also "like" your favorite posts and browse for new, popular blogs.

The site is also insanely easy to join and use. If you're already on Bloglovin', you can follow If I Must Say So too.

What other blog aggregation tools do you use?


  1. I try to keep up with blogs via facebook, twitter, google friend, and while I do have a bloglovin account I don't utilize it to the max. I definitely should because it'd prevent me from trying to always 'keep up' using the different platforms!

  2. BLOG LOVin' ROCKS the casbah!!! Just love it too!!!! Soo addictive!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  3. I love Bloglovin as well! It has proved to be so helpful organizing all the blogs that I follow:) I also use Google and less Facebook:)

    Following you now on Bloglovin and Google, I would love it if you followed me back!

    Stories and Sequins

  4. I tried blog-lovin, and I had a doozy of a time trying to figure out how to post the link on my blog...I will admit that I am internet challenged, so maybe I'll give it another try.

    Liv @

  5. I had 4367 unread posts on bloglovin last week and it just overwhelmed me. I marked "all read" and started fresh. I like Bloglovin because you can hop straight to the blogs instead of having to stay on the reader. Makes it easier to comment.

  6. Holy shizz, Laurel. That's nuts. I kind of do the same thing when I get swarmed with unread posts.

  7. seriously awesome. Ive only just started using it. such a pleasure to read blogs on