Little Things

Remember these sweet little things I mentioned in Friday's post?

Well, I brought three of them home from the FELIZ sale on Sunday, and I think they're really starting to like it here! I would have bought more if I could because I think the concrete combined with metallic colorblocking is just the surprising look I'm going for.

The maker Joanna was so nice and patient with me. I had all sorts of questions about the succulents and how to care for them, but she helped me pick out the perfect ones that required minimal watering. Just lots of good vibes and these plants should live a long and happy life.

She even let me take home her new favorite piece, which was a sea urchin shaped succulent in a round planter. I love the gold detailing on the top.

Oh, Laszlo is based in Austin! You can purchase her planters on Etsy or at Olive Vintage.

1 comment:

  1. Those little pots are so charming!
    ps. I love the floral design on your blog xx