An Illustrated Summer by Hannah Fenves

I want to introduce you all to someone. My friend Hannah is the cutest person. She's a graphic designer, letterer, illustrator, and Madewell lover. I think we could be two peas in a pod except that her illustrations are just way cuter than anything I could whip up.

A few weeks ago she started tweeting these adorable summer sketches and all I want to do today is share them with you. Here's what Hannah had to say about the inspiration behind her little series:

Basically, as a kid growing up in Northern California, summer meant swim team, sunscreen, and saltwater sandals. So I wanted to recreate my best childhood memories with these simple sketches that turned into being quite a collection! 

Thanks for sharing your work with us today, Hannah! I hope to share more very, very soon!

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  1. sun screen is a "must" items foe summer. Hot weather...