"Just Because"

Good Monday, friends. How was your weekend? Ours felt eventful. Kyle had loads of music things to prepare for, and I spent hours dreaming about our maybe new house. We also went to a very sweet wedding, which got me thinking about love and some of the simple ways we show it.

Sometimes we show it with a little surprise or by doing something unexpected. I think some of the most meaningful gestures or gifts are the ones that have no initial purpose or motivation behind them. We give them "just because" we think of someone, or we stumble across something that reminds us why we love or care for a person. My favorite "just because" gifts are typically cards or stationery with a beautiful design or letterpress.

A few weeks ago Grace posted a lovely wrap up of the National Stationery Show and her gorgeous coverage kept me digging around for more cute and inspiring "just because" cards.

For starters, I can always count on Rifle Paper Co. to turn me onto something. Even the simplest card in the loveliest script makes me giddy.

Here are some other friendly finds via Studio SloMo and Wild Beanlore. How about those dancing watermelons?


  1. ha! such a nice surprise. i was catching up on your blog and thought "those watermelons look familiar..."

    thank you :)