Travel Bug

I think it's time Kyle and I start planning our next vacation. Last year was kind of epic with the whole Australia and New Zealand honeymoon thing. The year before we did Mexico, and the year before that I traveled around Europe with a girlfriend. While I'm very much dying to visit Paris (oh, I want to go so badly), there are plenty of places I'm eager to visit in North America first, cities with exciting music and food scenes. And a little shopping on the side would be nice too.

Starting with New York City. It's strange. I've actually been to NYC before, but that was over 10 years ago and with my mom and grandma. A mini mom and daughter vacay full of fun touristy city stuff. It was great, but I'm ready to go back as the much fancier adult version of myself.

Toronto! I've been to Canada a few times, mostly British Colombia and the Yukon Territory. Vancouver is an awesome, awesome city, but Kyle and plenty of others keep talking about how great Toronto is too.

My little sister has been to Chicago three times. I've been zero. I think it's time we plan a trip.

What are your travel plans this year?

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