Oh Clémence

Yes, Clémence Poésy is pretty gorgeous. So gorgeous that I've already blogged about her once today over on Grown-up Shoes! Check it out here.

I'll admit I'm secretly obsessed with the show Gossip Girl, and Clémence's short appearance in season 4 (only 4 episodes!) was super entertaining. She played Chuck's French love interest who discovers him in an alleyway after he'd been beaten and robbed. She nurses him to health, he lies to her about his past, and then she falls for him before he whisks her away to NYC. We later learn that her past was a bit more risqué (read lady of the night) than we thought, and Chuck eventually dumps her.

So sad, but I'm still glad I found her! She's made a few appearances on my style inspiration board, and I love the way she takes beautiful risks with fashion. And I can't stand how wondrous and girly she looks in this Marc Jacobs dress for Glamour UK (found here). It's just perfect.

I thought this image was so feminine and dreamy with her dress, the flowers, and the fireplace. So of course I felt inspired to start pinning even more images. I was drawn to these delicate bathroom tiles, the sweet colors of the peppermint patties, the artsy and fantasy-like look of the fox and rabbit drawing, and the photograph of some of my favorite flowers, garden roses.

Is there a celebrity fashionista out there who's constantly grabbing your attention with her amazing style? Do share. 

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