Baked Donuts

News flash! I have a pretty healthy donut obsession. It's true. I'll never say no to a donut. But due to the all the fried-ness, I try to keep my donut intake in check. I think my body appreciates it. And that's also why I've been dying to experiment and make my own donuts at home, including the incredible, oil-less baked donut!

Sorry, but I don't have an actual recipe to share today. I'm more interested in writing about the wonder and glory that is pre-made donut mix. Kyle's mom sent us two packages of pumpkin spice donut mix for Christmas. All I needed to actually make them was an egg, butter, and some milk. Oh, and a swanky donut pan. Fifteen minutes later and I had myself some warm, freshly glazed donuts. I don't think it could have been any easier.

Do you think baked donuts are actually healthier than the regular ones? I'm not so sure since it's essentially still cake covered in frosting. Sounds delicious, though.

Now I'm eager to make my own donuts from scratch, starting with these chocolate donuts from Camille Styles. I'll let you know how those turn out.

P.S. I've thought about doing a series on my favorite Austin donut shops on the blog. What do you think? Do people even care that much about donuts? If you do and you're in Austin, maybe we should hang out.

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