Love Portraits

When was the last time you had your portrait drawn? Or how about an illustration of you and your honey? I cannot say I've done that myself, but I sure wanted to when I saw this custom hand-painted heart portrait print from Rifle Paper Co.

rifle paper co

I'd love to do something like this for an anniversary gift or as a wedding present for a close friend. Such a sweet, personal work of art. 

Have you seen the latest projects from Rifle Paper Co.? I'm in love with all the botanical drawings. Her flowers are so sweet!  


  1. Thanks, Viv!

    Hillary - I love her folksy style. It's very unique!

    Lacy - I know, right?!

  2. Hey there,
    I'm only new to your blog but I love it already!
    I hope you can check mine out too and we can follow each other?


  3. you're right, that portrait is absolutely adorable!